Planned and Future Litters




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                                                                       Ivory and Dansby

Pregnancy confirmed 5/5/2020 6-8 embryos seen. 

If all goes well pups will be due June 9-12 2020 going home early August 2020! 

Mediums expected 35-45 lb range.  Caramels Light colored like Ivory to Dansby's dark apricot color some could have white splashes.  No Partis expected ALL will have brown noses!

This litter is reserved pending pregnancy conformation.






Last Changed

Sundae and Camo

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5/23/2020 Sundae is expecting 7/8 puppies per ultrasound today.... 

This litter is already reserved pending delivery and notification of families on her wait list... 

Returned from Honeymoon April 28 2020.  If all goes well this pair will produce a litter of chocolates, caramels, chocolates and caramels with white splashes like Camo.  Chocolate and white partis and caramels like Sundae is marked.  Temperaments should be sweet loving with potential for therapy dogs.

Her due date will be around June 28 2020 going home the last week in August 2020