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 Rosebud Lucky Charms "Patrick" @ (Asher farms) ~Hunnie ~Parson

3/2/2021 Happy Birthday!

We have 8 new puppies.  5 girls and 3 boys! Parentage tests are in!  Parson sired all but one.  Miss Yellow belongs to Patrick but looks just like her mama!

Individual puppy photos                                 Group photos

This will be a litter of minis 18-25 lb range best guess in Caramel, red and apricot fleece coats.  Possible parti in that same color spectrum.  Some could have white splashes. Should be sweet loving and playful group of pups.

Families waiting are listed in order of deposits received and what the families preferences are.  I now allocate instead of allowing families to "select" their puppy.  This way there is no first or last client after me or a service dog selection.  Families preferences and life styles will be taken into consideration during the allocation process.  I will be asking for your input but not until the pups of the litter you are on are 7 -8 weeks old and only AFTER my Vet clears them health wise and temperament testing is done by one of my trainers.. At this age I can tell better sizes, temperaments and coat types.  The reason for this is to simplify the process so each family gets the right puppy based on their families needs.  I will be aware of each families needs and lifestyle. This will come into play on how I decide which puppy goes to which family. Retired couple wanting a chill couch potato pup, active young family with younger children, special needs family be that for a child or adult, therapy temperament for those hoping to visit hospitals or schools, a family with an existing dog needing a particular gender or temperament fit to mesh with their current dog..etc.  I appreciate your understanding of my process.

1. SCL

2. SCL

3. Thorton

4. Farr

5. Kalarickal

6. leCornu

7. McFarland

8. Haber 


9. Yang/Ho ( alternate)