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"Money will buy you a fine dog but only LOVE can make him wag his tail."  Richard Friedman

  In Loving Memory of my sister Diane Laurie Zweig. 

12/21/1962  - 1/24/2020 

Her love for all creatures great and small was unconditional


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Adoption Pricing

 All my puppies, regardless of color or size are priced at

$ 3300.00

ALL SCL Puppies go home on a strict spay/neuter, or sterilized ( Vasectomy or Ovarian sparing spay) contract where they must be altered by 9-18 months of age depending on estimated adult size of dog.  Larger standards get spayed and neutered older to allow for growth .  Once we receive documentation from Veterinarian, the adoptive family will receive your puppies ALAA registration  paper work  alteration.  Spay/Neuter/sterilization is NOT an option, but a requirement per signed contract.

I do not adopt siblings Please read this...

SERVICE DOGS:  Families requesting to be considered for a puppy to train as a service dog MUST have a trainer involved who will come and access a litter for the best match for the family given the needs the service dog will be trained to do... This is not an inexpensive process.  I require an additional $500 as well.  Contact me if there is truly a need for this with your family..If local to Atlanta contact Mark Spivak at CPT dog training for assistance...  Please click the CPT link provided to learn more how the process works.


Names on our wait list are all families that have placed a  $300 reservation fee ( part of the $3300) with us after a mutual 'interview' and a puppy application has been reviewed.  All puppies are $3300.00  regardless of color markings, size or gender or where you are on my wait list.  The balance of $3000 is divided in 2 payments when the puppies of the litter you are on are 4-5 weeks old, then final $1500 is due between 7-8 weeks old  ....Families waiting are  listed in order of deposits received and what the families preferences are.  I now allocate instead of allowing families to "select" their puppy.  This way there is no first or last client after me or a service dog selection.  Families preferences and life styles will be taken into consideration during the allocation process.  I will be asking for your input and will be sharing all the data on health and temperament with all the families.  This is  not until the pups of the litter you are on are 7-8 weeks old. At this age I can tell better sizes, temperaments and coat types.  This is also when they are seen by my vet and temperament tested by my trainer.  The reason for this is to simplify the process so each family gets the right puppy based on their families needs.  I will be aware of each families needs and lifestyle. This will come into play on how I decide which puppy goes to which family. Dogs, like us humans have different personality traits and aptitudes.  A retired couple wanting a chill couch potato pup, active young family with younger children, special needs family be that for a child or adult, therapy temperament for those hoping to visit hospitals or schools, a family with an existing dog needing a particular gender or temperament fit to mesh with their current dog..etc.  I appreciate your understanding of my process.  

We accept VENMO (Carol-Dean-10), ZELLE (4048495557) cashiers checks, personal checks, and cash, and paypal(only for reservation fee).  If you choose to write a personal check it must clear our bank prior to pickup or shipment of your puppy. We will accept payments for puppies but payment must be made in FULL before pickup. Final payment is due when allocations are done at 7-8 weeks of age.  Pickup is between 8-9 weeks old.

                                                PUPPY Reservation APPLICATION

Before sending me a "Reservation fee" please make SURE you are ready to commit and not continue to shop for a better puppy deal, timing color and gender....the Reservation fee is non refundable and will get you on my SCL reservation list for a future puppy.  The Reservation list gives you my attention in keeping you up to date for litters coming up that could meet your puppy criteria.  It also pays for my time when you visit here to meet the doodles and during the puppy adoption process.  The Reservation fee is applied to the total purchase price of your puppy at the end of the adoption process.

  • We accept cash, personal checks, pay-pal, zelle and venmo to get on my reservation list for a future puppy. We only take reservation fees from families that are 100% ready to commit to getting a puppy from Southern Charm labradoodles.

  • Click below to make a non-refundable Reservation fee of $300. 

  • ZELLE:  My phone is the connection 404 849 5557
  • VENMO  Carol Dean (Carol-Dean-10)


Thank you for your interest in a "Southern Charm puppy."


404 849 5557


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Shipping by Plane

Shipping available only if buyer views puppy at breeder's home or designated location prior to adoption ... per new federal regulations.

We do ship via air when permissible and if puppy has been seen prior to the adoption by the new family or a family representative..  This is an additional $325-$400 Airline fee on top of the puppy price as well as and additional $200 which  includes crate, pad, food and water bowls.  This can vary according to the weight and size of the dog as well.  Sometimes it's cheaper to fly in and actually "pick up" your puppy and have it ride coach with you in the cabin.  The pup must still be confined to a small carrier but will not be in cargo.  In this case we can then meet each other, as well as you meeting the parents of the pups and seeing where your puppy grew up!  I will mail your bag to you and your puppies book and vet records will be on the top of the crate.  A detailed email with directions, flight numbers etc will be sent to you after we coordinate the best time and date for your new puppy to come home...