Memories of Ace
"A good dog never dies, he always stays, he walks beside you on crisp autumn days when frost is on the fields and winters drawing near, his head is within our hand in his old way." --Mary Carolyn Davies



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Southern Charms Ace of Spades                  
"He was an amazing loving soul and my steadfast companion. The epitome of everything a Labradoodle should be."
June 6 2004-November 15 2005
F1:  Black shaggy hair coat, low shed and low maintenance
Dam:  Southern Charm's Jade
Sire:  Seth of Eden ( EdenStandardPoodles)
Ace was my first Labradoodle, a therapy dog in training and a future stud for my  labradoodle lines.  I had kept him from Jades first litter.
As a puppy he resembled a lab in conformation and coat which I loved.  His shaggy coat did not develop until he got older as seen in these pictures but as a young adult it progressed and became thick and plush making him resemble a lion with a black mane. 
He was the one pup that always got beat up and picked on and never retaliated.  He was also a pup that was still born and had to be resuscitated.  Ace loved to be held even when only days and  weeks old. He would roll on his back in your hand, little legs relaxed and limp and stay there content and would often fall asleep on our chest. 
As a young dog he was a tad shy, so Jade would take his favorite toy, and after he grabbed it, would lead him around the yard where she wanted him to go until he felt comfortable there.  Jade would spend hours with him teaching about sticks, horse manure and where to go potty.  Also about being submissive and a gentleman...  If playing Fetch with Kalie he would always get to the ball first, but would drop it for her to pick up and bring  back, he would always allow his ladies to eat before him too..................
When we would walk at the park he would sit patiently by the kids playground and allow the children to come and pet him without so much as a twitch, an occasional "wet kiss" did occur however.  He loved swimming in the lake there with the geese and ducks.   People would comment concerned that  he would try to harm them...."nope not him, just watch" I would say... he just wanted to be out there and swim with with them, like he did with us in our pool.
I could take him anywhere, the ball field, schools, pet stores, other peoples homes and he would stay by my side and never falter.............just lay quietly at my feet and wait for me to tell him it was time to leave. He would spend hours laying near me if I was on the computer or in a big chair watching TV.  One day at a pet store a young boy rolled a ball to him in the toy isle, Ace looked at me, I told him it was OK and he rolled it back to the boy with his nose, this went on for about 15 minutes, the boys parents were amazed...
When his mother Jade had her last litter he even got into the whelping box when the puppies were less than a week old to "help" his mother "clean them up" while she nursed them...and yes she let him!  He did stop this behavior  when he must have realized it just wasn't a  MANLY thing to do, but  proceeded to start marking the hall that lead to the puppies instead.....(not exactly what I wanted him to do)!  Once the puppies out grew their whelping area and went to their puppy playground in the barn, he stopped the indoor marking and proceeded to do so up there, his way of protecting and warning others to stay away.
 He loved all creatures but especially Kalie.   They were inseparable when together at home.  Only 9 months apart in age but Ace taught her the same things Jade had taught him.  The day I came home and found he had died she was laying beside him along the driveways edge. Kalie then proceeded to put her head in my lap when I realized what had happened , we consoled each other......  

You see he loved the delivery truck drivers too, Fed Ex, UPS didn't matter, he would jump into their cab when stopped and enjoy a treat with them, the drivers thought he was great!  That fatal day, he was escorting a truck down our long driveway after a delivery and having had his usual treat when he cut in front of the vehicle.  It was an accident, a split second mistake........and he was gone..........
These memories give you a glimpse of what a Labradoodle could and should be like and what we try to breed here at Southern Charm.  Everyone who came out to visit and pick out their puppies all commented on him and would ask "we want him or one just like him"........"Ah yes" I would say, "so does everyone".........he was a great ambassador for the breed..........
Ace was my boy............and the heartbeat at my feet.......I miss him!


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With eye upraised his master’s look to scan,
The joy, the solace, and
the aid of man:
The rich man’s guardian and the poor man’s friend,
The only creature faithful to the end.
--George Crabbe