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                                                            Bedrocks Parson of Red Rock

                                       Large Mini 16 1/2 " tall 25 lbs color red curly fleece coat


                                          DOB: April 2 2016  Health testing

Hips and elbows good per Evet OFA scheme.  CERF eye exam normal, clear for EIC, PRA, VWD, IC and DM. Cardiac and Patellas are normal.  

Parson lives here with me at SCL and has turned into a fan favorite here...Parson is a cute bundle of super soft, curly, red, fluff .  He is enchanting and friendly, and very devoted to his humans ( namely me).  He came to me from Bedrock Labradoodles, thank you Maggie for entrusting me with this wonderful boy...I must say he loves his job here...