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Black Beauty and Marlow

first litter with Gus

Puppy Cam

Individual puppy photos                                       Group puppy photos

This litter will have all colors, chocolate, black, apricot, and caramels, some with white splashes...Mediums 35-45 lb range...Both these dogs are kind, gentile and very sweet with amazing fleece coats...

Due date between March 20-28 2018 going home the end of May early June...stay tuned for more pupdates....





Last Changed

Joy and AJ

3/9/18 Medium litter confirmed pregnant 35-43 lb range.  7-8 seen on ultrasound today...

Caramel, apricot and red litter due around April 9th, going home early to mid June 2018.  Both Joy and AJ are sweet and playful doodles.  Joy loves to go jogging with her guardian dad too! 

This litter will be raised by a breeder friend Michelle at Cotton Creek labradoodles due to  Fanny and BB having larger then expected litters.