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                                                                       Gem and Parson

                                                       (All reserved at this time)

       Puppy watch will begin May 29 2018  Gem will be arriving her to await new new puppies to be born..

Puppy Cam

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Will be apricots and caramels some with white splashes possible. Sweet cuddly outgoing personalities expected fleece to curly fleece coats.


Names below are families who have given a deposit and have been waiting on my master list for this litter or a puppy that fits the criteria of this litter.  The litter list is arranged  in order of their deposit received.  Sometimes, due to life events, families change their minds and move off or go to another litter due to timing. Families below them then move up.  I reserve the right to hold back 1 or 2 pups from a litter which is what the SCL is( breeding dogs to keep or sell or dogs for a special needs child or patient)...sometimes I only take one sometimes none, in that case the spots are released and everyone moves up again...Please be patient this is a process that takes 7-8 weeks.  I now allocate the puppies to their families...Allocations will NOT be done before 7 weeks of age and only after my vet examines the litter and clears them medically.  At that time I can better tell size, temperament and coat type to better assist with allocating the right puppy for your family...


2. SCL

3. Hunter (Alabama)

4. Miller

5. Dack

6. Giambalvo

7. Goldstein 

8. Guidera