Planned and Future Litters




Last Changed

Litters are planned for Summer and Fall/Winter 2020

I am waiting on some of my girls to cycle to decide who I will be breeding when.

Stay tuned for more pup dates!



Will be bred for caramels, chocolates ( some with white splashes and parti's) Will be mediums35-45 lbs

Hubby TBD


Liza Jane

Retirement litter, will be all chocolate mediums to standards.

Hubby to be determined


Ivory ( retirement litter)

Mediums small standards. Apricots, caramels and reds with white splashes.

Hubby to be determined.

London ( in heat now 2/14/20) and  Hubby To be is Tucker of Asher farms labradoodles....Puppies going home end of June, best guess at this time.

Mediums small standards. Chocolates, caramels and parti's in both colors as well as solids with white splashes.