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Prime (Caramel )  Liza(chocolate)  Raki (Caramel)

11/14/17Puppy watch begins tomorrow 11/15/17!  Below is her puppy count xray how many do you see?


Liza Jane is confirmed pregnant...Uncertain as to how many best guess 7-8... This litter could have two baby daddies   Yes that's right...Prime started the honeymoon but got unavoidably detained so Raki helped out at the end...This litter will only be chocolates some could have some white splashes sweet, chill some happy go lucky.  Will be a medium to small standard litter 40-55 lb range...I will be doing DNA on the pups to determine who the daddy is so families will know as well as myself...



    Prime (Best land labradoodles)                                   Raki (Mill Creek Labradoodles)

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            London( chocolate) and Raki caramel ( MillCreek labradoodles)

Medium/small standard litter expected...Color range chocolate, caramel with or without white splashes, parti in chocolate and caramel...Mother nature is in charge of how many of what I get so please be open minded if you wish a puppy from this litter :)

9/25/17 This litter is confirmed pregnant looks like she is carrying 10 give or take...they are due the end of November going home near Christmas wont know for sure until she delivers... I may have availability on this litter will be checking in with current families waiting..