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                                               8/2/18 Happy birthday!!!

7 new puppies born!  5 boys 2 girls.  2 chocolates one black all boys and the others are apricots or caramels....YUP mother nature decided we would not get any parti's but do have some with cute white splashes.

Going home September 27-October 3 2018

Sundae and Trapper 

Puppy Cam

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All colors possible, black, caramel, apricot, chocolate and parti variations along with splashes of white on solids...Mediums 35-45 lb range...temperament should be loving and gentile like their parents...






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  Ivory and Champion

8/12/18 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 6 solid chocolate kisses born 4 girls and 1 boy...weight range 35-50lbs .  Going home October 7-14 when 8-9 weeks old...Mother nature decided no caramels this go round but these chocolates will be white..

Puppy Cam

Individual Individual photos                         Group photos